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Faculty members

Faculty membersFaculty members

Computational Biology and Health Genomics

Jorge Ferrer
Roderic Guigó Serra
Cedric Notredame
Arcadi Navarro Cuartiellas
Donate Weghorn
Lars Velten
Mafalda Dias
Jonathan Frazer

Senior Visiting Scientists

Pedro Julio Collado Vides

Quantitative Cell Biology

Vivek Malhotra
Isabelle Vernos
Verena Ruprecht
Elvan Böke
Thomas Surrey
Adel Al Jord

Genome Biology

Fátima Gebauer
Luciano Di Croce
Thomas Graf
Juan Valcárcel Juárez
Susana De la Luna Gargantilla
Bernhard Payer
Eva Maria Novoa
Sara Sdelci
Renée Beekman

Systems and Synthetic Biology

Ben Lehner
Luis Serrano Pubul
Maria Pia Cosma
Mara Dierssen Sotos
Manuel Irimia
Nicholas Edward Stroustrup
Arnau Sebe Pedros
Amelie Baud

Barcelona Collaboratorium Independent Fellows

Core Technologies Programme

Mònica Morales Ballús
Eduard Sabido Aguade
Julia Ponomarenko
Julia Ponomarenko
Laura Batlle Morera
Berta Fusté Pérez

Staff Scientists

Integrated in a senior research group, Staff Scientists support the research of the group, while having a degree of scientific independence to lead their own research line (i.e. co‐mentoring of PhD students, being senior authors in publications and applying for grants). As Faculty Members, Staff Scientists are evaluated every 4 years by an external committee composed of SAB and ad‐hoc members in the framework of the Programme’s evaluation.

Andre Faure
Felix Ruhnow
Irene Rodriguez Arce
Leszek Piotr Pryszcz
Marie Victoire Neguembor
Ombretta Foresti
Sergio Aranda Aragón
Silvia Bonàs Guarch
Silvia Pérez Lluch
Sophie Bonnal