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CRG Webmail access

CRG Webmail accessCRG Webmail access

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Rules for using the email service

The ICT department assigns an email account to every CRG user by default, except to collaborators, whose accounts have to be requested by the Group Leader.
The email account is individual and not transferable by no means.

The use of CRG email is not allowed for the following purposes:

  • Undermine the integrity of the Centre.
  • Disclose information that incites discrimination or violence.
  • Send content with advertising and commercial purposes of goods and services for their own account owner benefit, relatives or others, except if authorized
  • Send spam type emails, i.e. "spam", related to false viruses, advertising companies, chain letters, etc.
  • Fake emails.
  • Read, delete, copy or modify email messages from others without their permission.
  • Send email messages, changing the sender's email address to impersonate others; identified as a fictitious person or not identified.
  • Do not use the mail server as a means to archive the messages. If there is need to conserve them, it is recommended to record them in a place for storage, such as PSTs, this also applying to the emails sent and to the recycle bin.

Security certificates

Click and install the following security certificates to avoid having warnings about untrusted connections (as stated here or here) with the CRG webmail server: