Contribute to the biomedical research that the CRG carries out for the benefit of society

At the CRG we look into the essence of how the genome functions and its biological mechanisms, to help further our knowledge of it and understand its relationship with common diseases, such as cancer, and illnesses of genetic origin, like rare diseases.

We believe that the medicine of the future depends on the innovative science that is currently being carried out in research centres like the CRG. Through research we can advance knowledge for the benefit of society, health for all, and economic prosperity.

Research, therefore, is fundamental, as progress towards curing diseases depends on the knowledge gained through this work. This knowledge, in many cases, can be transferred and converted into new therapeutic treatments and therapies, new diagnostic approaches, and even used in the development of new drugs.

Research in Spain is primarily funded by the public administration, as well as competitive funding at the regional, national, European and global levels. However, in order to continue advancing at a good pace, the research must also be supported by the private sector, society, the general public, companies and other bodies sensitive to the task undertaken in research centres.

For this reason, any help will be gratefully received and put to good use by the scientists at the Centre for Genomic Regulation. It will contribute to advancing our knowledge of the genome and its potential applications, finding cures to specific diseases, and improving the quality of life of the members of our society.

Find out about some of the projects that are being undertaken at the CRG and how your contribution could help finance them, by clicking HERE or by visiting the Research at the CRG section.