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Working at CRG

Working at CRGWorking at CRG

The CRG aims to ensure that appropriate working conditions for researchers are provided and that they suit individual needs; training and skills development; safety and well-being at the workplace; offering social benefits, adequate earnings and prospects; and paying attention to working time and work–life balance.

Working conditions

The CRG is committed to reconcile the best practices of working conditions for their employees. To comply with that the CRG is offering an opportunity to apply for teleworking and flexi programmes, is constantly implementing actions for work-life balance and gender equality, and provides extended vacation period and a splendid seafront location next to the city centre of Barcelona.

Social benefits

Flexible compensation plan is a possibility to exchange part of the gross salary for products with tax advantage. Eligible expenses for meal card, transport card, health insurance, kindergarten fees and work related training courses can be tax exempted if contracted via Flexible Benefit Plan..

For the best work-life balance CRG renders special discounts for child-care services (Chiquitin kindergarten and nursery), convenient catering offers (including specious canteen and restaurants at close proximity) and free language courses inside the CRG building.

Other discounts for CRG members consist in discounts at sport centre (Claror Maritim), parking (B:SM), short-term housing and accommodation (Resa Housing and Hotel chain H10) dental clinic (Miravé), several banks service, language courses (at Pylmon Language school) and bookshop (Herrero Books).