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Career development

Career developmentCareer development

PRBB Intervals Programme

The PRBB Intervals Programme is an innovative training initiative that aims to break down disciplinary barriers and bridge learning gaps by means of offering a range of educational and training opportunities in areas that complement the scientists┬┤ disciplinary expertise.

For more information on Intervals follow the link.

General training and development

To improve professional profiles, transferable skills relevant to work and beyond, the CRG members both from scientific and non-scientists communities alike are encouraged to take part in various courses organised within CRG internal training and development programme,

For more information on Training follow the link.

Mentoring programme

One of the elements of advanced training and career development support policy that the CRG sets as one of its cornerstones is the Mentoring Programme that has been launched at the CRG in 2014 with a focus on learning and sharing of experiences within the CRG community. The CRG Mentoring Programme is open to any CRG PhD and Postdoc Scientists and gives a wide list of benefits to mentees as well as to mentors.

For more information please follow to the CRG Mentoring Programme webpage.


The CRG believes in long-lasting integrity of scientific community which implies maintaining close relationship with ex-members of the CRG. With this respect an Alumni Engagement Programme has been launched in 2015 and aims to provide access for international events and activities at life science community, career development opportunities and engagement to a network of contacts who have a shared experience in the field of research excellence.

For more information on Alumni Engagement Programme please follow to the CRG Alumni webpage.