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CRG InstaTalksCRG InstaTalks

The CRG InstaTalks are live talks on Instagram between women scientists and influencers that will make you see and value science in a different way. You will learn first-hand about the research projects of CRG women researchers, their experiences as women in science, the importance of involving society in research and many other things.

Join the Instagram lives in our Instagram profile @crgenomica and ask them whatever you want! 

You can watch all the CRG InstaTalks in this YouTube list.


These talks will be in Spanish.

26th of April at 7 pm - Júlia Urgel & Susana Ramírez

Júlia Urgel, researcher at the "The epigenetic face of cancer metabolism" research group of the CRG, and Susana Ramírez (@sosann), influencer and photographer, will talk about the cancer research performed by Júlia, about how it has been her experience as a woman in science, about rare diseases, and about many other things. 

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3rd of May at 7 pm - Mirabai Cuencia & Adriana Boho

Mirabai Cuenca, researcher at the research group "Computational biology and health genomics" of the CRG, and Adriana Boho (@adrianaboho), influencer and stylist, will talk about the how to correct the effect of certain gene mutations that cause diabetes, about how to combine professional life with being a mother and how it affects women researchers, and about what they enjoy doing in their free time. 

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10th of May at 7 pm - Anna Oncins & Carolina Iglesias

Anna Oncins, researcher of the research group "Single cell epigenomics and cancer development" of the CRG, and Carolina Iglesias (@percebesygrelos), influencer, presenter, scriptwriter and comedian, will talk about what are the triggers for cancer, specifically lymphoma, about Anna Oncins' experiences abroad, and about why it is very important that society gets involved in science and research. 

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