Teaching and training lab

Teaching and training labTeaching and training lab

The CRG has three Teaching and Training Labs (two wet experimental labs and one IT lab) which are specifically designed for training new researchers, to providing refresher courses for science teachers and getting young people interested in science. With this set-up, the CRG has increased its commitment to training top scientists as well as communicating science to society, in order to encourage the general public to think critically about various aspects of scientific research.
The 100 m2 of Teaching & Training Labs is spread over different floors, and houses the most up-to-date research equipment. The facilities provide training courses for researchers, where CRG material is used. Much of the equipment has been donated by companies related to research, such as Eppendorf, Life Technologies, BIO-RAD, Werfen Group – IZASA, Grupo Taper, Gilson, Nirco and Biogen Científica S.L. Thanks to these generous endowments our scientists have access to the most advanced research techniques.

More recently, the CRG has established a space fully equipped with computers for IT training. This area is used for various types of internal and external courses.

For more information on the training space, its possible use and external bookings please send an email to training@crg.eu