Facility Management

Facility ManagementFacility Management

Mission and services

The mission of Facility Management is to provide adequate working spaces and functional research equipment, thereby allowing researchers to focus on their research, and to guarantee a safe working environment for all CRG members.

The following services are offered by Facility Management:

  • manage space and equipment: organizing space and equipment, maintaining scientific assets in wet labs, overseeing the surveillance and alarm systems for goods stored at –20ºC, –80ºC and in cryogenic tanks and liaising with the services supplied by the PRBB of cleaning, security and maintenance (of power, air conditioning and data sockets)
  • sustainability: energy and waste surveillance, improvement plan for energy saving
  • media, cleaning and sterilization service (MCSS): clean and sterilize glass and plastic labware, prepare media and assure material supply


Eugenia Silva Santiago

e-mail: eugenia.silva@crg.eu

Telephone: 933160121

Position: Facility Manager

Helena Gallego Sanz

e-mail: helena.gallego@crg.eu

Telephone: 933160280

Position: Facility Management Officer