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The Centre for Genomic Regulation was created with the aim of carrying out biomedical research at the highest international levels of excellence for the benefit of society-at-large. As the Communications & PR department, we help fulfil this vision by promoting, advancing and protecting the CRG’s reputation. Our job is to enhance the impact of our world-class researchers by creating and sharing stories about their work, engaging with our communities and stakeholders, as well as inspiring audiences locally and further afield.

The team works closely with researchers to publicise their work according to the strategic objectives of the organisation. One of the ways we share new developments is by working with a wide range of journalists working at news websites, newspapers, and radio and television stations across the world. The team provides advice and support to scientists on how to engage with the media, including bespoke media training and tips on media-related issues. 

The Centre for Genomic Regulation also supports researchers telling stories on a variety of digital channels. These includes the news section of our website, which hosts all of our press releases and the latest updates on our activities surrounding new research papers, awards and funding grants, strategic business collaborations or entrepreneurship. You can also find out the latest on our breakthroughs and innovations on our social media channels – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn – as well as videos we host on our YouTube page.

Our team also supports the faculty in the pursuit of meaningful, two-way engagement that fosters discussion, debate and dialogue about their research. Through hosting science cafés to visiting science fairs and festivals, the team facilitates, leads and delivers a public engagement strategy that creates opportunities for researchers to engage with audiences including adults, schools, families and patients, each of which help inform on the work we carry out and its relevance to society.

The Centre for Genomic Regulation regularly brings together scientific leaders from around the world to present and discuss ideas. Our team regularly hosts a year-long programme of scientific meetings and symposiums each year, supporting our faculty in organising events that enable networking and collaboration with other scientists and key stakeholders including policymakers and industry.


Gloria Lligadas Peñarrubia


Telephone: 933160153

Position: Head of Communications & PR

Marta Solís Mateos


Telephone: 933160263

Position: Public Engagement & Science Education Officer

Omar Jamshed


Telephone: 933160237

Position: Senior Press & Communications Officer

Anna Marta Borrell Pages


Telephone: 933160118

Position: Events & Sponsorship Officer