European Integration

European Integration European Integration

The CRG is part of a strong European network in life sciences. In the last years, the CRG has fostered the foundations of two new European alliances to share best practice and resources, and to develop common strategies to promote Europe as a highly competitive and dynamic research environment. 



EU-LIFE is an alliance co-founded by CRG and VIB in 2012. It gathers fourteen renowned research centres in life sciences and one associated partner from 15 European countries. All partners share similar principles of excellence, external review, integrity and independence, competitiveness, internationality, and social responsibility.
EU-LIFE mission and goals include:
  • Promoting excellence in research.
  • Promoting integration among European research institutes in life sciences.
  • Developing and sharing best practice in research, research management and training.
  • Attracting and including talents, and enhancing mobility within Europe.



As life sciences become increasingly dependent on sophisticated and expensive technologies, research centres create specialized and centralised core facilities that provide innovative and cutting edge technologies, to serve their own institute.
In 2012, the VIB and CRG co-founded CORE FOR LIFE, an excellence alliance of European core facilities in life sciences. The partners are exploring the potential of coordinating and bundling their core facility’s expertise and resources across institutes and countries. The whole European science community will benefit from an increased efficiency of resource usage as well as benchmarked service quality.