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Navigating your career with confidence - Postdoc Workshop

Navigating your career with confidence - Postdoc Workshop

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17/09/2020 08/10/2020
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Navigating your career with confidence - Postdoc Workshop

Structure of the workshop:

Dates: Thursday 17th September & Thursday 8th October 15-17h / The sessions will take place online via Zoom

Facilitated by: Marie Trussart - Kintsugi Coaching

Nb of participants: 20 participants (CRG/CNAG postdocs only)

The workshop will help connect you with other postdocs who are facing similar challenges and engage you to identify strategies and resources to keep moving forward. It is an interactive workshop with activities in smaller groups and large group discussions.

Registration deadline: Tuesday 15th at 12:00

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Navigating your career with confidence

Do you find that you are mainly focusing on producing scientific results and getting your work published? Most of you are facing uncertainty due to failures of experiments and disappointments due to rejection of articles or funding proposal. Your success and career progression are impacted by the level of confidence in your own skills and your beliefs. Do you have very little time to reflect on your strengths and limitations and explore your long-term careers objectives?

In this interactive coaching session, we will dedicate time to examine your beliefs and how they are impacting your growth, and reflect on your own experiences while exploring the resources you can use to manage your challenges. The intention of this workshop is to examine how you can use what you have under control to help yourself gain confidence and develop strategic thinking abilities to provide solutions focusing on your career advancement.