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How to succeed in your PhD II

How to succeed in your PhD IIHow to succeed in your PhD II

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How to succeed in your PhD II

The course How to succeed in your PhD II, which has been exclusively designed by using VITAE’s framework in close collaboration with BIST-Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology- that will offer a blend of experiential and reflective learning opportunities to support you s PhD researchers in the middle stages of your PhD. It will lead participants through 4 days of activities spread over 2 weeks relating to the key themes of Purpose, Bravery, Permission and Courage.

The course is offered to 35 PhD students (2nd & 3rd year) currently working at one of the BIST research centres (CRG, IBEC, ICFO, ICIQ, ICN2, IFAE, IRB Barcelona). Five seats will be open to external community.

By the end of this course you will have:

  • Experienced a number of practical learning activities which will build understanding of research resilience, productivity, wellbeing and career potential
  • A take away kit of pragmatic tools to enhance their communication skills in the virtual and real world
  • Had the opportunity to put in to practice techniques relevant to maintaining progress within the PhD during a number of protected productivity sessions
  • Built a network of supportive peers to support completion of their research and further their future careers

Designed to be both practical and reflective, the programme will recognise the challenges a global pandemic has placed on researchers and support you to make and maintain progress in your research. The course will build a community of likeminded researchers who are able to support themselves and each other. Each half day activity will encourage you to experience, share and reflect on an activity and take steps towards implementing your learning in a practical and pragmatic manner. Unlike other training courses, Maintaining Progress will provide opportunities for protected productivity where you can implement your learning immediately making real progress in your research or research writing. As a result, new habits are embedded and adopted before the course has concluded.

The first session and final session are for all researchers (maximum 36). The sessions on 21, 23, 28 are ‘stand alone’. This means that researchers do not need to attend all of the sessions but can choose the one session they would find most useful. For these sessions you can choose 2 sessions you would like to attend. This gives the benefit of a choice of workshops whilst also limiting the number of researchers to each sessions to 15 allowing for more conversations and community mixing.

The document HERE contain more information regarding the content of all sessions. BIST researchers are exempts to pay registration fee.

If you are interested, please register HERE. After the deadline (3rd March 2021), we will confirm if you have been selected and more details will be send by BIST.  BIST will ask you to select the option sessions.