CRG Summer Internship Programme

CRG Summer Internship Programme


7th Summer Internship Program for Undergraduate and Master Students

Description of the Programme

The Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG) launches the 7th Summer Internship Program to provide undergraduate students and master students the opportunity to conduct summer research at the CRG. The goal of the programme is to encourage students, from any nationality, in the pursuit of a scientific career and to introduce them to an international laboratory experience.  

A maximum of 6 internship positions will be awarded in 2019.

The internship will last 2 months and can start from the beginning of June/July to finalize by the end of September 2019, however all summer internship fellows should be at CRG from the 15th to the 19th July 2019 as there will be some specific training provided.

Eligibility criteria undergraduates

  • Undergraduates with an excellent academic record and a strong interest in biosciences and biomedical research (prior lab experience is highly recommended) who are in their final two years of studies in the Life Sciences or related subjects (e.g. Bioinformatics, Biomedicine, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Chemistry).
  • Two full years (4 semesters) of college course work completed by the time the internship commences.
  • Candidates may not have received an undergraduate degree at the time of the internship (Summer 2019).
  • Candidates may not have previously obtained a “CRG Summer Internship”.
  • High level of English.
  • You have the availability to do a student palcement/internship agreement through your University.

Eligibility criteria master students

  • Master students with an excellent academic record and a strong interest in biosciences and biomedical research (prior lab experience is highly recommended) who are currently enrolled in a master in an accredited university and after the summer internship.
  • Candidates may not have previously obtained a “CRG Summer Internship”
  • High level of English.
  • You have the availability to do a student placement/internship agreement through your University.

Positions will be awarded on a competitive basis taking into consideration the student’s academic records and the motivation & reference letter(s). Each student will be matched with a specific laboratory based on the student’s interest and background.



The summer training will consist of 320 working hours (40 hours/ week), distributed over 2 months from June/July up to September 2019. The intensive nature of the program requires a full-time commitment from the participant. Students are required to participate in all scheduled activities.

Application Process

Applications for the CRG Summer Internship Program are accepted exclusively online through our online application system. Candidates must prepare their online application in English.

The application will include the following information:

  • The registration form duly completed.
  • Your most recent academic transcript, which should include the title of the courses you have completed thus far and the grades you received.
  • Description of your interest for life sciences research, what you hope to gain through your participation in the CRG Summer Internship Programme, your vision of what the summer internship will benefit you on a personal and academic level, and the reasons behind your choice.
  • Candidates will be asked to provide contact details of at least one referee. Then the online system will send an email to the referee with the steps to follow to be able to upload the reference letter to your registration form.
  • You will not be able to submit the form if all the required documentation is not included.
  • Candidates are encouraged to check information ( regarding the lab and the Group Leader before selecting one in the form.

All the information must be submitted by the application deadline. Applications received after 14th March 2019 will not be considered.


  • All selected candidates: 400€/month
  • If the candidate is not from Barcelona: 1 return ticket to the student’s place of residence (European ticket up to of 300€ / Overseas up to 1.000€)
  • Meal vouchers (lunch/working days) for 2 months.
  • Student interns must provide their own health and accident insurance in case it is not provided by the University

From this stipend, students are responsible for their own housing.

Participation in the Summer Internship Program does not imply any contractual relationship between the beneficiary and the CRG.  If the student, for any reason, voluntarily withdraws or interrupts the program, any unduly received payments must be returned.

Hands-on Workshops & Reporting

To complement the internship there will be several events and trainings that the fellows will have to participate:

  • Some trainings - Week 15th-19th July 2019
  • Final scientific report

With whom do you want to work with?

For this call, the CRG Research Groups that have expressed interest in hosting a student are:

Ben Lehner

Programme: Systems Biology

Lab: Genetic Systems

Elvan Boke

Programme: Cell & Development Biology

Lab: Oocyte Biology & Cellular Dormancy

Donate Weghorn

Programme: Bioinformatics and Genomics

Lab: Evolutionary Processes Modeling


Guillaume Filion

Programme: Gene Regulation, Stem Cells and Cancer

Lab: Genome Architecture



Eva Maria Novoa Pardo

Programme:Gene Regulation, Stem Cells and Cancer

Lab: Epitranscriptomics and RNA Dynamics

Sara Sdelci

Programme: :Gene Regulation, Stem Cells and Cancer

Lab: The epigenetic face of cancer metabolism

Manuel Irimia

Programme: System Biology

Lab:Transcriptomics of vertebrate development and evolution

Call calendar 2019


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