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Compliance & Communications Channel

Compliance & Communications ChannelCompliance & Communications Channel

The CRG declares its commitment to promoting a corporate culture based on integrity, ethics, and respect for the law, as well as compliance with the law and the prohibition of criminal acts. With the aim of fostering a culture of compliance and preventing and detecting any conduct that may violate the law or the organization's internal policies, the CRG has in place the CRG Code of Conduct and Good Governance, the CRG Plan and Declaration against Fraud the CRG Criminal Compliance Policy, and the CRG Communications Channel Regulation.

The CRG's Code of Conduct and Good Governance establishes the framework for the expected professional behaviour of all CRG employees, students and collaborators. It also sets out the principles of good governance for the governing and executive bodies of the CRG.

The CRG Plan against Fraud has the objective to ensure that the grant funds have been used in accordance with applicable rules, in particular as regards the prevention, detection and correction of fraud, corruption, double funding and conflicts of interest.

The CRG's Criminal Compliance Policy states the organization's commitment and its responsibilities regarding compliance, the functions of the communications channel, the disciplinary regime, the evaluation and prioritization of criminal risks, support for the management model and the periodic verification of the model. This policy applies to all employees, executives, contractors, suppliers, and third parties who have links to the CRG in the development of their activities.

The CRG's Communications Channel Regulation establishes the procedure for receiving and managing communications received about conducts that may be contrary to the law or the organization's internal policies. The CRG has designed an internal information channel as a secure and confidential communication channel for the informants to report any irregularities detected in the course of their professional duties, through the form annexed to the CRG's Communications Channel Regulation. This form can be sent to the mailbox or through a postal letter to the Fundació Centre de Regulació Genòmica, C/ Doctor Aiguader, number 88, PRBB Building , 08003 - Barcelona, addressed to the Compliance Committee.

Additionally, any evidence-based situation of fraud or corruption at CRG can be reported through the external information channel of Oficina Antifrau de Catalunya (Anti-fraud Office of Catalonia)

On the other hand, there is a specific internal information channel in the event that the issues being reported are related to situations of sexual harassment and/or gender-based harassment, psychological harassment at work, or harassment based on any other differences (such as ethnicity, religion, disability, etc.) The procedure for receiving and handling the communications received is the established by the CRG Protocol for the Prevention and Management of Harassment. The communication can be made by sending the form annexed to the Protocol by email or physically.