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Get to know us

The CRG is an international biomedical research institute of excellence and a non-profit foundation, created in 2000.

The CRG has established, and continues to establish, alliances with top-class research institutes in Spain, Europe, and throughout the world.

Advising and actively supporting the CRG director and researchers in matters linked to scientific international relations and collaborations.

Supporting two strategic goals: the winning and management of competitive funding, and the coordination of academic activities.

Communicating the CRG's outstanding scientific findings and research activities, and establishing a bilateral dialogue with society.

The CRG brings together different outreach activities to promote its cutting-edge research, scientific vocations and scientific literacy in society.

The CRG provides all the necessary administrative support to its scientific community, so that researchers can be completely focused on their research.

CRG Alumni is a meeting point for former CRG researchers and employees, where they can network and share experiences beyond their stay at CRG.

Donations help to advance scientific knowledge and its possible applications, to find cures for diseases and improve the quality of life of individuals.

The mission of the CRG Gender Balance Committee is to promote equal opportunities for men and women at the CRG and foment women’s advancement in scientific career.