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Programa Operatiu de Catalunya 2014-2020

El Servei d’Ocupació de Catalunya és l’organisme intermedi del Fons Social Europeu (FSE) a Catalunya, és a dir, és el responsible de gestionar i executar a Catalunya els recursos de l’FSE que es programen, financien i executen a Catalunya en el marc del Programa Operatiu de Catalunya 2014-2020. A més, és un dels organismes intermedis de l’FSE al territori de Catalunya del Programa Operatiu d’Ocupació Juvenil, d’àmbit estatal.

PhD Fellowships

Title: 4D-CellFate_Developing a global understanding of the PRC and NuRD complexes in stem cell differentiation, in health and disease…
Ref.: 2016FI_B 00679

Title: Air pollution, interleukins and miRNAs as biomarkers of inflammation, and their link with respiratory health in childhood
Ref.: 2015 FI_00480

Title: Chromatin marking of genes during fruitly development and macrophage transdifferentiation of human B-cell lymphoma.
Ref.: 2017FI_B 00722

Title: Dissecting the contribution of nuclear architectural proteins to gene regulation at the nanoscale level
Ref.: 2018 FI_B 00637

Title: Estrategias terapeuticas para promover la plasticidad en la discapacidad intelectual
Ref.: 2018 FI_B 00866

Title: Study of the molecular and cellular mechanisms of reprogramming and regeneration using in vivo tissue degeneration/inury mouse models.
Ref.: 2017FI_B 00558



Programa Operativo de Empleo, Formación y Educación 2014-2020

PhD Fellowships

Title: Analysis of alternative splicing regulatory networks
Ref.: BES-2015-071775

Title: Complejos ribonucleoproteicos en estado normal y patológico.
Ref.: BES-2015-072053

Title: Deciphering the role of alternative spliced microexons in the development and evolution of vertebrate nervous system
Ref.: BES-2015-071679

Title: Decoding the complexity of obsessive compulsive disorder through the integration of expression profiles and genetics variability
Ref.: BES-2014-069814

Title: Interplay of chromatin complexes in stem cell differentiation and disease
Ref.: BES-2014-069856

Title: Investigating the role of the chromatin remodeler Lsh in senescence and cancer
Ref.: BES-2014-070669

Title: The role of Dyrk kinases family members as molecular drivers in cancer
Ref.: BES-2014-069983

Title: Computational modelling of learning and memory neuronal networks
Ref.: BES-2016-077416

Title: In vitro reconstitution of dynein dependent RNA transport systems
Ref.: BES-2015-072809

Title: Regulation of tRNA biogenesis by DYRK1A
Ref.: BES-2015-072815

Title: Role of STAR family members in cell pluripotency and differentiation
Ref.: BES-2016-077425

Title: Studying mechanisms of retinal regeneration
Ref.: BES-2015-072802

Title: Transcriptome remodelling during nervous system development and evolution
Ref.: BES-2015-072948

Title: Understanding the molecular basis of neuronal 3’UTR length-dependent mRNA sorting
Ref.: PRE2018-084501

Title: Deciphering the role of RNA modifications in diet-induced intergenerational inheritance
Ref.: PRE2018-084658

Title: Deciphering the roles of retina-enriched microexons in photoreceptors cilia specialization and function
​​​​​​​Ref.: PRE2018-084961

Title: Genomic and transcriptomic evolutionary analysis and identification of mammalian-specific novelties
​​​​​​​Ref.: PRE2018-085052

Title: Studying the role of Wnt signalling downstream factor in embryonic stem cells and mouse early embryogenesis.
​​​​​​​Ref.: PRE2018-085107

Title: A single-cell resolved atlas of the human B-cell lineage in health and disease.
​​​​​​​Ref.: PRE2018-085310

Title: Structure based phylogenetic reconstruction
​​​​​​​Ref.: PRE2018-085039

Title: Regulatory mechanisms of amoeboid cell transformation and extrusion under conditions of tissue stress
​​​​​​​Ref.: PRE2018-084393

Title: Computational analysis of ribonucleoprotein networks
​​​​​​​Ref.: PRE2018-085040

Title: Using degron tags to manipulate aging
​​​​​​​Ref.: PRE2018-084524

Title: Causes and Consequences of Mutation Variation in the Human Genome
​​​​​​​Ref.: PRE2018-084410

Title: Exploring the role of astroglia as a key player in memory engrams
​​​​​​​Ref.: PRE2018-084504

Title: PRE2018-086888_JHerrero
​​​​​​​Ref.: PRE2018-086888




Programa Operativo de Empleo, Formación y Educación 2014-2020

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Title: Mycoplasma pneumoniae as delivery system to treat Cystic Fibrosis
Ref.: CP16/00094

Title: Systems Cancer Genomics (CNAG-CRG)
Ref.: CP14/00229