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TBDO Sessions Edgardo Ferran

TBDO Sessions Edgardo FerranTBDO Sessions Edgardo Ferran

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TBDO Sessions Edgardo Ferran


20/06/201916:00CHARLES DARWINTBDO SessionsEdgardo FerranEMBL_EBI visiting scientist/CRG scientific collaboratorAn introduction to Pharma Industry and EBI Industry ProgrammeHost: Montava Guill, EsterAbstract:Why do we need pharma industry? What is the current business model of the big pharma? How drug discovery and development is done in these companies? How many new medicines are approved each year by the regulatory agencies? How the companies communicate their financial and clinical results? What a pharma clinical pipeline looks like? Which strategies do they follow under the risk of a patent cliff? Why pharma companies merge or buy a concurrent company? Which are the scientific subjects that currently interest the big pharma? How computational biology can contribute to the research efforts in these companies? Which is the main difference between research in Academia and a pharma company? Are collaborations between these two worlds possible? Based on my personal experience I will introduce basic ideas on pharma industry and give a few examples of research done in the company I worked for many years. I will also describe the Industry Programme of the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI, Hinxton, UK), which have more than 20 of the big pharma as members. Th talk is mainly for students and post-docs, but open to everybody.