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Science Career Day 2013

Science Career Day 2013Science Career Day 2013

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Science Career Day 2013

Organized by: Benedetta Bolognesi (CRG) and Luis Zapata (CRG)
Event overview
The aim of this meeting is to present a wide range of alternative career possibilities for scientists besides academic research. The event will include a morning session with high profile speakers, which are involved in one of the following areas: patenting, academic research, industry and science communication. In the afternoon there will be round tables to further discuss some of the crucial issues raised during the morning talks.
The event aims to attract PhD Students and Postdocs from the CRG and also from other institutions in the Barcelona area.
Afternoon Discussions
“Shall science become entirely OpenAccess?”
Is it necessary to have strict protection policy over research results? Or should we shift the paradigm to a more open science concept, where we keep scientific data open, accessible and interoperable to anyone who wishes to make use of it? When you publish your results, would you like them to be disseminated to anyone who wishes to read them?
“From the bench to the public. Who owns your research?”
The idea of translational research is to convert basic research into practical applications for society, in terms of a new technology or a new therapeutic agent. But before it reaches the general public, many steps have to be performed. Among these, patenting is a key aspect. The idea of this workshop is to review the process of patenting; once a new discovery has been identified, does patenting speed up or slows down the final goal? Does intellectual property belong to the scientist, the institution or the industry? How can Academy and Science Policy, can work together in the future to make this as fair and as fast as possible?
“Thinking about your own start up company?”
During an economic crisis, many opportunities are out of reach, however, creativity and motivation can be used to overcome this problem. As an example, we will explore how the expertise of industry can be used to start a spin off related to a non-profit/profit scientific business and what the relevant steps in this process are.
“What drives your research?”
Often, scientists debate the real motivation behind their research. Is it true that scientists working in industry are less free to develop their ideas, and more restricted to follow only a path of discovery determined by profit? What happens to creativity and productivity when Industry and Academy work together? We want to explore and compare the motivation behind these career paths.

Registration is free and open to the scientific community.
Registration is now closed (deadline was 1 October).
Afternoon sessions have limited number of participants and places will be assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis.

CRG (PRBB-Building)
Dr. Aiguader 88
08003 Barcelona
How to get to the CRG?
Contact person
Blanka Wysocka
CRG - Centre for Genomic Regulation
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08003 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Tel.: +34 93 316 01 45