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Python for beginners 2024

Python for beginners 2024Python for beginners 2024

28/02/2024 08/03/2024
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Python for beginners 2024

Bioinformatics room (CRG Training centre)

The course will guide you to setup a development environment using VS Code together with Gitlab and creating a personal Git repository for the course. Afterwards, it will provide Python programming concepts, covering variables, functions, loops, lists, dictionaries, among others. During the process we will show you tools to help you keep the code clean and to enforce proper Python syntax and styling.  Later, we will cover the basics of file handling in Python, gaining the ability to read/write files and to manipulate data. Finally, we will visualize data by using the packages matplotlib and seaborn by using practical examples.

Topics that are going to be addressed:

  • Setup of a development environment for Python and a git repository
  • Introduction to Python programming
  • Basics of Python: syntax, styling tools, code organisation
  • Python flow control: if...else statements, for and while loops
  • Data structures: lists and dictionaries
  • File I/O - Read and Write Files in Python
  • Introduction to plotting with Python

What NOT to expect:

  • Advanced topics like Object Oriented Python programming, complex algorithms or complex data structures will not be covered
  • Deep dives into specialized libraries like pandas, matplotlib or seaborn are out of the scope


Day 1
1. Introduction to python
2. Setup development environment (VS code / CRG Gitlab)
3. Create a git repository for the course
4. Write our first Hello World program

Day 2
1. Getting started with Python programming
2. Python variables, function, loops etc
3. Python lists and dictionaries
4. Practical exercises

Day 3
1. File I/O - Read and Write Files in Python
2. Python virtualenv
3. Installing third packages
4. Data manipulation with the pandas library
5. Practical exercises

Day 4
1. Introduction to plotting with Python
2. Practical exercises

Instructors: Clemente Borges, Emyr James, Emilio Palumbo & Toni Hermoso

Dates: 28th, 29th Feb and 1st and 8th March 2024 (10:30-13:30)

Location: Bioinformatics room (CRG Training Centre) - Presential

Maximum number of participants: 16

Registration deadline: 22nd Feb 2024

Registration HERE

For any information, please send an email to CRG Training and Academic office (TAO):