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PRBB Open Doors Day

PRBB Open Doors DayPRBB Open Doors Day

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PRBB Open Doors Day



How is the daily routine of researchers?

Have your ever extracted the DNA from a kiwi? Do you know how Darwin developed his theory of evolution? Would you like to create you own fossil? Summing up… what’s science for?

Here you have a chance to find out! After the success of last year's edition, the second PRBB Open Doors Day will help you again to answer these questions and a lot more, you will be a scientist for one day, go for a walk and visit the labs and experiment there.

If you have ever wondered what’s up inside this wooden-façade building in front of the beach, you have now the chance to find out!

Come round with your family next Saturday, 3rd October. There will be planned activities for everybody

For further information about the program and the activities, please visit the official website of the event.