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New Cluster Conversion Course

New Cluster Conversion CourseNew Cluster Conversion Course

09/07/2024 18/07/2024
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New Cluster Conversion Course

Bioinformatics room (CRG Training centre)

Cluster revision and slurm primer
This course will give a quick revision of essential general concepts for using a cluster well followed by specific examples utilizing slurm to run jobs on the cluster.. 

Topics that are going to be addressed:

  • HPC and Cluster revision 
  • Logging in to the new cluster 
  • Exploring the available resources 
  • Running simple single core jobs 
  • Multithreaded jobs 
  • Job arrays 
  • Job dependencies and pipelines 
  • Using nextflow on the new cluster 
  • Using GPUs on the new cluster 

What NOT to expect:

This course is not for beginners. You need to be experienced in using HPC and Clusters. 

Dates and hour: 18th July 2024, from 10:30 – 13:30h 
Instructor: Emyr James (Head of SIT)
Location: Bioinformatics room (PRBB patio)
Maximum number of participants: 16
Application deadline: 14th July 2024

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