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Mendelian randomization 

Mendelian randomization Mendelian randomization 

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Mendelian randomization 

Mendelian randomization 

In this second part of the Mendelian randomization (MR) workshop, we will explore how to compute and interpret different MR methods in R. We will attempt to explore both simple and robust methods for causal inference in MR studies, and some details about the instrumental variable assumptions on which they are based. You will also gain some knowledge on how to interpret the results. 

Teacher:  Blanca Rodriguez-Fernandez and Natalia Vilor-Tejedor 

Time: Wednesday, 11th of May 2022 (09:00- 11:00) 

Where:  CRG Bioinformatics room (PRBB patio) and zoom streaming 

Maximum number of onsite participants: 18s 

Requirements: Participants need to have basic R programing skills 

Registration: HERE 

Application deadline: 1st of May 2022