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Linux Terminal for Beginners 2024

Linux Terminal for Beginners 2024Linux Terminal for Beginners 2024

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Linux Terminal for Beginners 2024

Bioinformatics room (CRG Training centre)

This course provides an introduction to using the linux terminal. It is suitable for complete beginners who have never used the command line before.
Anybody who intends to use the cluster for data analysis and is not confident in the terminal should take this course.

Topics that are going to be addressed:

  • User accounts and logging in to the cluster
  • Finding help and being self-sufficient
  • Working with files and directories in the command line
  • Basic linux commands
  • Pipes and redirection
  • Unix file permissions
  • Creating simple bash scripts

What NOT to expect:

  • The course will not cover using the cluster to run jobs.

Instructors: Rodny Hernandez (SIT) with other SIT members providing assistance

Date: 22nd Feb 2024 (10:30-13:30)

Location: Bioinformatics room (CRG Training Centre) - Presential

Maximum number of participants: 16

Registration deadline: 10th Feb 2024

Registration HERE

For any information, please send an email to CRG Training and Academic office (TAO):