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Linux & Cluster Courses

Linux & Cluster CoursesLinux & Cluster Courses

18/06/2018 19/06/2018
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Linux & Cluster Courses


18/06/2018 - Bioinfomratics room (468) - 4th floor - 10am - 1pm

This course is suitable for beginners and explains the basics of GNU/Linux commands and scripts creation. In particular it encompasses the following key concepts:

  • Introduction (Linux OS and distributions)
  • User accounts
  • Secure shell (access to remote servers)
  • Man pagesWorking with files and directories (Linux file tree)
  • Basic Linux commands: (ls, cp, mkdir, rm, mv, find, man, grep, cut, sort...)
  • Files permissions (groups, files, chown, chmod)
  • Pipes and redirections
  • Editor (gedit) Script creation (conditional structures, loops)

Trainer: Rodny Hernandez (SIT)


The course it's an introduction to the CRG's computing cluster usage and encompass the following key concepts:

  • Univa Grid Engine Introduction
  • Cluster concepts (jobs, queues, nodes, slots, memory)
  • Cluster information (qstat, qhost)
  • Submitting jobs to the cluster (qsub CLI)
  • Managing submitted jobs (qstat, qhold, qdel)
  • Submit script requesting basic parameters (memory, number of slots)
  • Intermediate data and output management (-e, -o and scratch usage for improving jobs performance)
  • Job arrays

Trainer: Luis Exposito (SIT)

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