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Laser Safety 2024

Laser Safety 2024Laser Safety 2024

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Laser Safety 2024

Norway (PRBB)

This training session ensures the adequate knowledge for the staff that needs to be in contact with the CRG laser systems. It provides the basic knowledge necessary to protect themselves and others about the risks of accidental exposure to lasers Class 3 and 4. The development of the course content will be based on the Royal Decree 486/2010, and the norms EN 60825-1, EN 207 and EN 208.

Topics (content):

  • Optical Radiation, Laser Safety, and Legislation
  • Effects of Radiation on Biological Tissues
  • Tissues at Risk (Eyes and Skin)
  • Classes and Labeling of Laser Products
  • Accidental Eye Exposure, Reflections, and Secondary Beams
  • Collective and Individual Protection in the Laboratory Environment
  • Protective Glasses and Laser Safety Products
  • Safety and Best Practices

Instructors: Procarelight, Company specialised in laser safety

Date and time:  15th March 2024 from 9:30 to 11:30

Where: Norway (PRBB) (6th floor Hotel side)

Target audience:  CRG staff working with laser

Registration HERE

Registration deadline: March 3rd, 2024

For any additional information please contact: CRG Health & Safety (