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IX CRG PhD Symposium

IX CRG PhD SymposiumIX CRG PhD Symposium

26/11/2015 27/11/2015
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IX CRG PhD Symposium

CRG, Barcelona, Spain

Organized by: CRG PhD Representatives, CRG Graduate Committee

Symposium overview
The IX CRG PhD Symposium is a internal symposium aimed at providing a platform for the young scientists working at the centre. All 2nd year students give a short talk focusing on the main question they want to address in their PhD and how they are planning to do this. In addition posters by 3rd year students will give an overview of the work that is being carried out in our institute.

To facilitate a high attendance the whole duration of the symposium is considered lab-work free time.


Andrea BATTOLA (Cell & Developmental Biology)
Birgit RITSCHKA (Gene Regulation, Stem Cells & Cancer)
Carla BELLO (Bioinformatics & Genomics)
Carolina GALLO (Systems Biology)
Elie M. FINK (Systems Biology)
Ernst THUER (Bioinformatics & Genomics)
Hana SUSAK (Bioinformatics & Genomics)
Hima P. NADIMPALLI (Gene Regulation, Stem Cells & Cancer)
Joan PALLARÈS (Bioinformatics & Genomics)
Laia CARRETÉ (Bioinformatics & Genomics)
Laura DOMÈNECH (Bioinformatics & Genomics)
Linus MANUBENS (Systems Biology)
Marc CORRALES (Gene Regulation, Stem Cells & Cancer)
Marcos F. PÉREZ (Systems Biology)
Marta FRUCTUOSO (Systems Biology)
Marta INGLÉS (Gene Regulation, Stem Cells & Cancer)
Miquel ROSAS (Cell & Developmental Biology)
Mireia ORTEGA (Systems Biology)
Pol CUSCÓ (Gene Regulation, Stem Cells & Cancer)
Sebastian ULLRICH (Bioinformatics & Genomics)

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Abstract book
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PRBB Auditorium
CRG - Centre  for Genomic Regulation
Dr. Aiguader, 88
08003 Barcelona, Spain

Contact person
Imma Falero
Academic Officer
CRG - Centre  for Genomic Regulation
Dr. Aiguader, 88
08003 Barcelona, Spain