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Introduction to Python 2023

Introduction to Python 2023Introduction to Python 2023

10/02/2023 03/03/2023
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Introduction to Python 2023

This course is an introduction to programming using Python and is suitable for beginners.

The following content will be covered:

  • Introduction to programming and Python
  • Basics of Python: syntax, style tools, code organisation
  • Python flow control: if...else statements, for and while loops
  • Data structures: lists, dictionaries, sets, queues
  • Functions and Classes
  • Algorithms and “Big O” notation
  • File IO
  • Unit testing
  • Virtual environments and using packages
  • Common scientific packages : Numpy, SciPy, Pandas
  • Plotting with Matplotlib and Seaborn

Dates: 10th & 17th February, 2nd & 3rd March 2023 - 10:00-12:00am

Instructor: Emyr James, Head of CRG - IT

Location: Bioinformatics room (CRG Training Center, PRBB patio)

Maximun number of participants: 18

Registration deadline: 3rd February 2023

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