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Introduction to programming in R 2023

Introduction to programming in R 2023Introduction to programming in R 2023

09/03/2023 30/03/2023
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Introduction to programming in R 2023

Description of the course:

This course aims to provide basic notions of R programming to people that have NEVER worked with R and that want to learn how to use it for data analysis and visualization. 
The Introduction to R course starts from the very basics of R language, all the way through learning how to create scripts, read and write files, manipulate different data structures and plot the results, which will allow you to learn how to do some basic analysis and visualization of your own data by the end of the course. In this course we will combine explanations and examples with lots of hands-on that will allow you to get familiar with basic programming concepts and explore the different possibilities that R offers.  

What to expect:
  •       A basic introduction perfect for people that have never programmed before.
  •       Learn the basis for how to import, manipulate and plot your data.
  •       Really cool instructors and a lot of fun.
  •       Feeling of achievement and happiness after learning how to programme in R.      
What NOT to expect:
  •       Learn about biostatistics tools.
  •       Learn about data cleaning or preprocessing.
  •       ggplot or any advanced package. 

    Session 1: March 9

  •         Introduction to R and RStudio
  •         Paths and directories
  •         R basics
  •         Functions in R
  •         R scripts
  •    Introduction to data types and structures

    Session 2: March 16

  •         More on data types and structures
  •         Data frame manipulation

    Session 3: March 22

  •     Recap of what we learned so far
  •         Input / output
  •         Library and packages
  •     Introduction to plots

    Session 4: March 30

  •         More on plotting
  •     Big hands-on to put all things together      
Teachers: Claudia Serrano Colome, Julia Ruhle, Leone Albinati, Luisa Santus
Dates: 9th, 16th, 22nd and 23rd March 2023 (10:00h-13:00h) 
Location: CRG Training Center (PRBBB patio)
Maximum nº of participats: 18 
Registration deadline: 20th February 2023
Registration HERE