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CellViewer International Symposium: Seeing and decoding nuclear function and structure

CellViewer International Symposium: Seeing and decoding nuclear function and structure




You can also download the programe HERE (.pdf)

Monday, January 27th

13h30 Welcome by Pia Cosma

13h45 - 15h35 Session 1 | Novel super resolution approaches to visualize genome structure & dynamics
                                      Chair: Melike Lakadamyali

13h45: Jan Ellenberg
               Standardised and quantitative live and super-resolution microscopy tools to analyse chromosome architecture

14h15: Ting Wu Ting Wu
               Such a lot of genome to see…

14h45: Eric Joyce 
              Unravelling the mechanism of 3D genome folding by high-throughput FISH

15h15: Roman Barth
              Live-cell imaging of chromatin at nanoscale resolution


15h35-16h25 Coffee break

16h25 - 17h55 Session 2 | Chromatin organization & plasticity in early development & differentiation
                                      Chair: Pia Cosma

15h35: Jan -Michael Peters 
               How Cohesin folds the genome

16h55: Jiang Liu
               CTCF role in establishing 3D chromatin structure during human embryogenesis

17h25: Maria Elena Torres Padilla 
              Epigenetic mechanisms of cellular plasticity and reprogramming to totipotency

17h55: Giacomo Cavalli
             3D genome organization and Polycomb proteins in development and cell differentiation

20h30 Speakers dinner


Tuesday, January 28th

09h00 - 12h00 Session 3 | Chromatin folding: from modeling to nanoscale imaging
                                      Chair: Jérôme Solon

09h00: Leonid Mirny
                The interplay of loop extrusion and transcription

09h30: Alba Granados Corsellas
                A bag-of-visual-words model for single-molecule localization microscopy data classification

09h50: Stephanie Portillo
                Nucleosome clutches reorganization during cell differentiation and their regulation by chromatin internal parameters

10h20-10h50 Coffee break

10h50: Pablo Gómez García
                Mesoscale modelling and single molecule tracking for the study of chromatin structure and dynamics during differentiation

11h10: Claudia Cattoglio
               3Genome organization dynamics at single-molecule resolution

11h30: Yang Liu Yang Liu
                 Super-resolution imaging reveals dysregulated nanoscale chromatin folding in cancer development

12h00-14h00 Lunch break with poster session

14h00 - 16h20 Session 4 | Chromatin dynamics & transcription
                                      Chair: Eran Meshorer

14h00  Peter Becker
                Chromosome organisation and global regulation of transcription

14h30: Laszlo Tora 
                Towards the understanding the dynamics of RNA polymerase II transcription

15h00: Marie Victoire Neguembor 
                Investigating the role of transcription in 3D genome folding and loop extrusion

15h20: Karsten Rippe
               Regulation of gene expression by phase separation processes

15h50: Victor Corces
                Mechanisms of transgenerational inheritance of obesity epiphenotypes

16h20-16h30 Closing remarks