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Basics of Biology 2020

Basics of Biology 2020Basics of Biology 2020

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13/03/2020 29/05/2020
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Basics of Biology 2020

CRG Training Center

This course is aimed at providing concepts in basic Biology (especially on the subjects worked at CRG-CNAG) to medical doctors, informaticians, mathematicians, physicists, engineers and anyone in need. Material (e-learning short videos, readings from books) will be distributed using the Moodle platform, and participants are expected to read it before the course.

The course will consist on two parts:

  • PART I: Cell biology.
  • PART II: Gene expression and its regulation.

All sessions will take part at the CRG training center (Montjuïc Room)

Regsitration deadline: 6th March 2020