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Barcelona Science Festival 2009

Barcelona Science Festival 2009Barcelona Science Festival 2009

13/06/2009 14/06/2009
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Barcelona Science Festival 2009




More than 70 activities and 25 talks will be held at the Ciutadella Park on 13-14th june.

The festival will be full of scientific activities like workshops, talks, shows and theater play for general public. The Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) will participate on this party with the following talks and workshops:

  • Saturday 13 at 4pm - Workshop and talk "Studying cancer thanks to cell division". Speakers: Roser Pinyol, Iris Uribesalgo and Cedrik Magis.
  • Sunday 14 at 12:30pm - Micro-talk "Why the human brain is different?". Speaker: Mara Dierssen.
  • Sunday 14 at 1:45 pm - Workshop and talk "From pigs to chickens to humans. The A flu, an example on evolution at the XXI century." Speakers: Olivia Casanueva, Rosa García-Verdugo and Phil Sanders.