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6th CRG Symposium. GENOMIC REGULATION: Executing the Code

6th CRG Symposium. GENOMIC REGULATION: Executing the Code

09/11/2007 10/11/2007
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6th CRG Symposium. GENOMIC REGULATION: Executing the Code

Dr. Aiguader, 88, Barcelona, Spain

Due to the use of massive genomic and proteomic analysis techniques, the development of the different aspects of genomic regulation has gone through a speed change that has lead to a huge accumulation of findings in different areas. For scientists, this tsunami of findings makes difficult to reach an overall view of the current situation of our knowledge. Therefore, the ambitious and main purpose of this symposium is covering all relevant aspects of gene regulation including presentations of 18 worldwide experts grouped in 6 sessions. Sessions go from nuclear dynamics analysed through screening techniques, to global gene regulation, chromatin, RNA processing and translational regulation, to end up with small RNAs regulators. This integration strategy should offer the attendants the opportunity to get a complete picture to understand what’s the situation of genomic regulation at the present moment and where the most promising investigation lines are directed.

Together with this general approach and within the framework of a satellite mini-symposium, the objective is going more deeply into a hot topic nowadays, like the function of kinases in gene regulation through its effects on chromatin structure and dynamics. In this emergent field, we are lucky to have renowned experts within the PRBB. All this has allowed us to get together the most relevant scientists in this area, who will also talk or participate in the general symposium. In all, 25 foreign scientists will participate actively in both events, fact that will generate a high level discussion.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that there will not be any poster session during this meeting