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2nd SmS (CRG) SCIENTIFIC CAFE: "Transgenic food"

2nd SmS (CRG) SCIENTIFIC CAFE: "Transgenic food"2nd SmS (CRG) SCIENTIFIC CAFE: "Transgenic food"

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2nd SmS (CRG) SCIENTIFIC CAFE: "Transgenic food"


Rice to  prevent blindness.

Milk containing vaccines.

Is transgenic food the solution?

What advantages and inconveniences do they have?

Come and discover this and more at the 2nd SmS (CRG) Scientific Cafe, titled "Transgenic food", organised by the "Science meets Society" group, an initiative of PhD students and postdocs of the CRG.


Josep Pàmies, "Som lo que Sembrem" Platform

Marta Guadalupe, Researcher, Dept. Animal and Food Science, UAB

Elisabeth Moyano, Researcher, Vegetal Biotechnology Unit, Dept. of Vegetal Physiology, UB / Professor, Dept. of Experimental and Health Sciences, UPF

Moderators: Isabel Peset and Roser Pinyol, Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona

Entrance: Free (places limited to 80 people)

Date & time: Tuesday, 10th June, 07.30 pm

Place: Cafeteria of the CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona)

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