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18th CRG Symposium: Single cell and single molecule biology

18th CRG Symposium: Single cell and single molecule biology18th CRG Symposium: Single cell and single molecule biology



Thursday, 14 November

09:15-09:30   Welcome by Luis Serrano, CRG Director

                       Welcome by the organizers

Session 1 - Development, differentiation and organoids 

09:30-10:00   "Understanding the regulation of gene expression using single cell genomics"
                       John Marioni

10:00-10:30   "Regeneration in intestinal organoid development"
                       Prisca Liberali

10:30-11:00   "Single cell systems biology of adult stem cells"
                       Lars Velten

11:00-11:30   Networking Café

Session 2 - Gene expression and epigenetics 

11:30-12:00   “Single molecules revealing molecular mechanisms underlying microtubule cytoskeleton function"
                       Thomas Surrey 

12:00-12:30   "Single-molecule epigenomics: Decoding the histone code in health and disease"
                       Efrat Shema

Contributed talks 

12:30-12:45   "Single-cell multi-omics CRISPR-seq will reveal the role of DNA methylation during exit from pluripotency and lineage specification"
                       Tim Lohof

12:45-13:00   "Reconstructing and visualising cell lineages"
                       Irepan Salvador-Martinez

13:00-14:00   Lunch & Poster session

Session 3 - Technology (sequencing single DNA molecules + single proteins

14:00-14:30    "Single Molecule Protein Sequencing"
Edward Marcotte

14:30-15:00   "Single-Cell Transcriptomics: Towards a High-Quality Cell Atlas"
                       Holger Heyn

15:00-15:30   Poster session Café

Session 4 - Diversity of life

15:30-16:00   “Single-cell regulatory genomics in the Drosophila nervous system"
                       Stein Aerts

16:00-16:30   "Single-cell analysis of early animal cell type programs"
                       Arnau Sebé

16:30-17:00    "Single cell transcriptome analysis in a proto-vertebrate and the origins of novel cell types"
                       Mike S. Levine

Friday, 15 November

Session 5 - Cells and tissues

10:00-10:30   "Mapping the female reproductive tissue one cell at a time"
                       Roser Vento

10:30-11:00   “Single-cell genomic atlas of great ape cerebral organoids"
                       Barbara Treutlein

11:00-11:30    Networking café

Contributed talks 

11:30-12:00   "Single-molecule assays reveal the essential building blocks of a mammalian mRNA transport complex and their function"
                       Sebastian Maurer

12:00-12:15   "Single-cell genome-plus-transcriptome sequencing without upfront preamplification  "
                       Koen Theunis

12:15-12:30   "Single-cell transcriptomics analysis reveals the dynamics of alternative polyadenylation during cell cycle progression"
                       Mireya Plass

12:30-12:45   Closing remarks

12:45-14:00   Lunch & Poster Session