CRG-FPI Severo Ochoa Programme

CRG-FPI Severo Ochoa ProgrammeCRG-FPI Severo Ochoa Programme


Call for Applications: 6 PhD positions within CRG Severo Ochoa Programme

This call is now closed

Programme description

The Severo Ochoa programme at the CRG supports the institute's scientific mission of advancing our understanding of how genomes control the function of cells, how they determine cellular identities and organs, and how they orchestrate the physiology and influence the pathologies of organisms. Ultimately, this integrated knowledge can endow biologists with the capacity to redesign genetic circuits, modulate cell fate and develop novel therapeutic approaches.

More specifically, the Severo Ochoa programme allows strengthening current areas of scientific excellence reflected in its four research programs by opening new transversal research avenues in the following fields:

  1. GENOME ARCHITECTURE AND REGULATION to explore the three dimensional organization of genomes and analyze the mechanisms that determine chromatin architecture and function.
  2. CELL IDENTITY AND ORGANOGENESIS to establish the molecular basis of cell differentiation and the cellular interactions involved in tissue and organ architectures.
  3. MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BASIS OF DISEASE to identify disease-causing genes and map their alterations into cellular pathways to understand mechanisms of pathogenesis.

A key mission of the CRG is to recruit and train young talented scientists, and the current call aims to attract motivated PhD students to work on interdisciplinary projects in the Severo Ochoa programme.

Training and research within the PhD program is interdisciplinary. Lecture series, seminars, journal clubs and courses as well as training in presentation skills and language classes complement the practical work. A thesis committee provides comprehensive support and the mentorship in the career development of the students. The programme language is English.

Eligibility criteria

We encourage applications from highly talented candidates with a strong commitment for scientific research. Successful candidates will join research groups with top-level scientists and will carry out their research in the following areas of biomedicine:

The call is open to candidates of any nationality with an excellent academic record and a high level of English. Candidates should have obtained a Master Degree and be accepted/enrolled in an official PhD Programme in Spain.

Master students are not eligible.

If you have any queries about the eligibility criteria, please contact us before submitting your application:


Severo Ochoa PhD positions will be supported with a work contract for a period of 4 years. Students that finish their PhD theses within 3 years, will be entitled to a 4th year of work contract to help them prepare for a postdoc position.


In addition to the salary, PhD students granted with Severo Ochoa PhD contract will receive 1,500 EUR to cover PhD registration fees and 4,750 EUR to cover travel and accommodation expenses for short stays abroad related to their PhD Projects.

How to apply

Applications for Severo Ochoa PhD positions will be accepted exclusively online through the Ministry online application system. Candidates will need to register in order to be able to use the online application system. The application deadline is the 19th September, 2014, 3PM.