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"Severo Ochoa" Visiting Scientist Programme

"Severo Ochoa" Visiting Scientist Programme"Severo Ochoa" Visiting Scientist Programme

Programme Description

The Programme will host leading scientists at the CRG with the main goals of bringing in new expertise and promoting knowledge exchange. Each visit will last up to 6 months and should reinforce one or more of the three transversal areas supported by the Severo Ochoa award: 1) genome architecture and regulation; 2) cell identity and organogenesis; and/or 3) molecular and cellular mechanisms of disease.

How to apply

Interested applicants should first contact a potential CRG host laboratory to discuss mutual research interests and to plan a visit. If an agreement is found, the host lab will then send a request to the CRG Executive Board including: i) the CV of the visiting scientist; and ii) a letter describing the research proposal for the visit, with an emphasis on the mutual benefit.
There are no specific application deadlines, but early planning is recommended to facilitate visa requests and housing organization. Feedback will be provided within two months from the date of application.


The visiting scientist will have access to CRG technologies at internal prices as well as to the various training and networking opportunities (courses, retreats, etc.) offered by the institute. During her or his stay, the visiting scientist should give a seminar to the CRG community and one to the CRG faculty, and prepare a final report about the main outcome of the visit.
Visiting scientists will be awarded up to 6,000€ for the entire period to cover accommodation and travel costs related to the visit.

Selection process

The Executive Board will evaluate applications and select candidates based on their CVs and the relevance of their research to the CRG and the Severo Ochoa Research Programme (see the three transversal areas). Once the application has been approved, the HR department will coordinate each scientist’s incorporation.


The visiting scientist will either work directly in the host lab or, if not possible, in additional lab space on the same floor.

Contact person: Montserrat Ruano,

This Programme is supported by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness within the Severo Ochoa Centres of Excellence initiative 2013-2017.