Gender Balance Committee

Gender Balance Committee


The CRG received the "HR Excellence in Research' logo from the European Commission in 2013. It recognizes the institute's commitment in developing an HR Strategy for Researchers, including a Gender Equity Action Plan. In the same year the institute's direction established the CRG Gender Balance Committee with the mission to promote equal opportunities for men and women at the CRG and foment women's advancement in scientific career.


  • Mentoring programme for CRG postdocs (independent of gender)
  • CRG recruitment process without gender bias
  • Increased attractiveness of the CRG as an employer for female scientists
  • Increased Work-Life Balance for CRG employees


The members of the Gender Balance Committee are representative of all the areas of the institute, in order to address and taking care of the needs of the different groups of the CRG. With regular meetings every two months, the Committee members are very active and truly engaged with its mission.

Chair: Isabelle Vernos (Principal Investigator)

Principal Investigators:
Juan Valcárcel
Mara Dierssen

Staff Scientists:
Maria Lluch

Roni Wright

Maria Nieves Lorenzo
Caterina Coli
Monika Matusiak

Mònica Bayés
Marcelo Mora
Sonja Reiland
Imma Falero
Gloria Lligadas
Olalla Bagüés
Montse Díaz