Life at CRG

Life at CRGLife at CRG

The CRG is committed, and ensures that the facilities and support are present for all members of staff; including training and policy changes with the aim of making work and life work well for all employees and their families.

“I appreciate a lot that the CRG is acknowledging the time and energy constrains when becoming a parent. Since I became father of one child during my time at the CRG and my wife is pregnant again, the CRG will extend my PI contract by half a year per child. This gives me 1 year more to get prepared for the next career step.”
“The WOSS grant allowed me to be able to afford extra hours of childcare each week after school for my children. This time was essential for me to successfully publish my manuscript. Not only for the benefit of my career but also emotionally, reducing the stress of balancing work and family life”
“HR staff has been really supportive in answering my questions
about parental leaves and in helping me with the formalities.”

“I can use my lunch break to go to the Claror gym to recharge my mind and body, which makes me more productive during the afternoon!”

---Scientific project manager

“The CRG mentoring program has helped me identifying the behavioral details that make a scientist more credible. It has been very beneficial to get someone else's opinion on my body language, and together with a course on how to best communicate, it definitely helped achieving one of my main first professional goal: getting a permanent researcher position in France. So thanks a lot!!”

---Postdoc, now PI in France

“Motherhood is a very personal experience and many ingredients can make it extremely different from woman to woman. The one thing we could all agree on is that if you become a mother but you don’t want your career to stall, you should prepare for a very hard struggle. This is true for most jobs, including academia, and dramatically true if your plan is to become an independent investigator. [Read more]

--- Benedetta Bolognesi, CRG Alumni, now Junior Group Leader, Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC), Barcelona, Spain