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PRBB-CRG Sessions

PRBB-CRG SessionsPRBB-CRG Sessions

Scientific sessions of the PRBB centres funded by the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) and the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park


16/04/202112:00OnlinePRBB-CRG SessionsGaia PiginoMax Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics. Dresden, DE"Towards a mechanistic understanding of cilia biology with CLEM and Cryo-EM"Host: Thomas SurreyAbstract: Research in my lab aims at understanding the molecular principles and processes that drive the self-organization of complex cellular machines, which are relevant for human health and disease. In this talk I will show how we combine EM and molecular cell biology methods to obtain a mechanistic understanding of the molecular machineries required for the assembly and the function of cilia/flagella: conserved...

23/04/202117:00OnlinePRBB-CRG SessionsPoul SorensenUniversity of British Columbia. Vancouver, CA"tbd"Host: Fátima Gebauer

07/05/202112:00OnlinePRBB-CRG SessionsMonica Bettencourt-DiasCalouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Lisbon, PT"tbd"Host: Thomas Surrey

14/05/202116:00OnlinePRBB-CRG SessionsDavid BakerUniversity of Washington. US"tbd"Host: PhD Students

21/05/202112:00OnlinePRBB-CRG SessionsMarisol SoengasCNIO. Madrid, ES"tbd"Host: Fátima Gebauer

28/05/202112:00OnlinePRBB-CRG SessionsLuca GiorgettiFriedrich MIescher Institute for Biomedical Research. Basel, CH"tbd"Host: Renee Beekman

04/06/202112:00OnlinePRBB-CRG SessionsDaniel Jiménez CarreteroCentro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC). Madrid, ES"tbd"Host: Òscar Fornas

16/07/202100:00To be determinedPRBB-CRG SessionsHarris LewinUC Davis. California, US"tbd"Host: Roderic Guigó

01/10/202100:00To be determinedPRBB-CRG SessionsIñigo MartincorenaWellcome Sanger Institute. Hinxton, UK"tbd"Host: Miguel Rodriguez

08/10/202100:00To be determinedPRBB-CRG SessionsMusa MhlangaUniversity of Cape Town. ZA"tbd"Host: Marc A. Martí-Renom

15/10/202100:00To be determinedPRBB-CRG SessionsBruce GoodeBrandeis University. Waltham, US"tbd"Host: Sebastian Maurer

22/10/202100:00To be determinedPRBB-CRG SessionsAnne Ferguson-SmithUniversity of Cambridge. UK"tbd"Host: Bernhard Payer; Amelie Baud

29/10/202100:00To be determinedPRBB-CRG SessionsAndrew DillinHHMI Berkeley. US"tbd"Host: Nick Stroustrup

05/11/202100:00To be determinedPRBB-CRG SessionsAnna Marie PyleYale University. New Haven, US"tbd"Host: Juan Valcárcel

12/11/202100:00To be determinedPRBB-CRG SessionsKivanç BirsoyThe Rockefeller University. New York, US"tbd"Host: Elvan Boke

19/11/202100:00To be determinedPRBB-CRG SessionsCamille BerthelotINSERM. Paris, FR"tbd"Host: Amelie Baud

10/12/202100:00To be determinedPRBB-CRG SessionsAmi BhattStanford Medical School. US"tbd"Host: Renee Beekman