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CRG Scientific Sessions

CRG Scientific Sessions

25/04/201912:00R_473.10_AULAPRBB Computational Genomics SeminarsBeatrice BorsariGuigo, CRG /tbcHost: Garrido Enamorado, Romina

26/04/201912:00CHARLES DARWINPRBB-CRG SessionsValentina BoevaInstitut Cochin, Biomedical research institute, Paris, FR"Computational strategies to analyze cancer ChIP-seq data: application to neuroblastoma"Host: Julia Ponomarenko (CRG)Abstract:The ChIP-seq technique is used by thousands of research studies to profile histone modifications in cancer. However, methods developed for normal diploid genomes, when applied to cancer samples, can result in false discoveries due to the presence of copy number aberrations distorting the ChIP-seq signal. In order to circumvent this issue, our group has developed a set of ChIP-seq data analysis methods for cancer studies (...

29/04/201912:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsFernando CasaresCSIC-Centro Andaluz de Biologia del Desarrollo Sevilla, ES"to be determined"Host: Fernando Giráldez (UPF)

30/04/201910:15685.A.02Cell and Developmental Biology ProgrammeVamshidhar Gade (Postdoc Candidate)Kurzchalia lab. Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden"A universal toolkit enables dauer larvae of Caenorhabditis elegans to survive abiotic extremes”Host: Böke, Elvan

02/05/201912:00R_473.10_AULAPRBB Computational Genomics SeminarsWill BlevinsMar Alba lab, IMIMUncovering de novo gene birth in baker's yeast with RNA-seq and ribosome profilingHost: Garrido Enamorado, Romina

06/05/201912:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsJosep Rizo-ReyProfessor at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Dallas, Texas, US"to be determined"Host: David Andreu (UPF)

10/05/201912:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsArkaitz Carracedo PerezBizkaia Technology Park, Bizcaia, Spain"Disentangling the molecular drivers of prostate cancer progression"Host: Susana De la LunaAbstract:The regulators and products of metabolic pathways serve unexpected purposes in the process of cancer cell growth and dissemination. Despite the better understanding of the metabolic events that contribute to cancer, the field has not yet clarified (i) how these metabolic events are coordinately elicited, and, importantly, (ii) what differential metabolic cues drive cancer initiation and metastasis.
In order to decipher metabolic drivers of cancer, we...

10/05/201912:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsArkaitz CarracedoIKERBASQUE Research Professor, Bizkaia, Spain"to be determined"Host: Susana De la Luna

20/05/201912:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsMike KlymkowksyUniversity of Colorado at Boulder/ETH-Zurich, CH"Biofundamentals: a discussion about scientists teaching science"Host: Fernando Giráldez (UPF)

27/05/201912:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsAlan LevitonBoston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical Sschool, USA"to be determined"Host: Robert Castelo (UPF)

28/05/201911:00R_473.10_AULACell and Developmental Biology ProgrammeDierk NiessingInstitute of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Ulm University & Institute of Structural Biology, Helmholtz Zentrum Muenchen, Germany"Molecular mechanisms of mRNA localization"Host: Maurer, SebastianAbstract:The temporal and spatial regulation of gene expression via motor-dependent mRNA localization is found throughout eukaryotes. It is involved in diverse processes such as cell polarity, stem cell differentiation and neuronal plasticity. Such specific localization of mRNAs to subcellular sites requires the recognition of cis-acting localization elements by dedicated RNA-binding proteins (RBPs). For their subsequent translocation along the cytoskeleton,...

03/06/201912:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsMary MunsonUniversity of Massachusetts Medical School, Dept Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, USA"to be determined"Host: Oriol Gallego (UPF)

17/06/201912:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsAylwin ScallyDepartment of Genetics, University of Cambridge, UK"to be determined"Host: Francesc Calafell (UPF)

12/07/201912:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsTrisha WittkoppU-M LSA Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB), USA"to be determined"Host: PhD Students

19/07/201912:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsSaitou NaruyaDepartment of Biological Sicences, Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo, JP"to be determined"Host: Jaume Bertranpetit (UPF)

06/09/201912:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsNathalie BalabanThe Hebrew University of Jerusalem, IL"to be determined"Host: Lucas Carey (UPF) and Ben Lehner (CRG)

20/09/201912:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsSalvador AznarInstitute for Research in Biomedicine"to be determined"Host: Juan Valcárcel (CRG)

04/10/201912:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsJoana LoizouResearch Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, AT"to be determined"Host: Sara Sdelci (CRG)

07/10/201912:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsAndreas StrasserWEHI Australia"to be determined"Host: Ana Janic (UPF)

11/10/201912:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsNorman DaveyUniversity College Dublin, IE"to be determined"Host: Cedric Notredame (CRG)

08/11/201912:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsCarl-Phillip HeinsenbergIST Austria"to be determined"Host: Verena Ruprecht (CRG)

13/12/201912:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsJitu MayorNational Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India"to be determined"Host: Vivek Malhotra (CRG)

17/01/202012:00MARIE CURIEPRBB-CRG SessionsGunter MeisterUniversity of Regensburg, DEto be determinedHost: Fátima Gebauer (CRG)