Suport Operacional

Suport OperacionalSuport Operacional

Mission and services

The operations support department aims at giving administrative support to the CRG community: scientific community, administration team and to the Direction office, in order to achieve a smooth and timely operations management globally.
We achieve this by:

  • Managing all non-scientific issues to allow the scientific community to focus on their main activities.
  • Acting as a bridge between management and scientific communities with a problem-solving attitude.
  • Collecting and providing information.
  • Helping the community to manage the resources.
  • Managing their organizational and administrative needs.

Service portfolio for scientists includes (but is not limited to):

  • Managing agendas
  • Acting as the link between scientific community and administration (problem solving, signatures, policies and procedures communication and implementation)
  • Travel organization and justification
  • Registration to courses and conferences
  • Organization of internal and external activities and meetings (project meetings, program seminars, lab meetings, data clubs, retreats, etc.)
  • Support in grants/fellowships application and justification
  • Other administrative tasks
  • Reception service, medical check-up schedule

For the administration departments:

  • Purchasing requests
  • Travel arrangements
  • Project meetings organization

For the Direction office:

  • Coordination of institutional projects.
  • Global support to Director and Administrative Director.


Reyes Perza Romero


Telephone: 933160198

Position: Executive Assistant to Direction / Head of Operations Support Department