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Comunicació & Relacions PúbliquesComunicació & Relacions Públiques

Mission and services

The mission of the Communications & PR Department is to promote and protect the CRG's reputation of excellence. We do so by developing and implementing clear, consistent and engaging strategies to enhance the public understanding of our science and our institute, its researchers, and its value to society. The Communication & PR Department fulfils its mission through a wide range of initiatives and activities addressed to different audiences, including journalists, politicians, primary, secondary and high-school students, science teachers and, of course, CRG members.

The services offered by Communications & PR are:

  • popularize science and findings of CRG researchers through news and press releases, social networks, outreach activities and educational activities, among others
  • media relations: act as a liaison between researchers and the CRG community on one side and the media and journalists on the other side
  • visual identity and corporate image: prepare printed, graphic and online materials related to CRG activities, such as booklets, posters, annual reports, flyers, document templates and logos
  • produce and maintain website and intranet content and new developments
  • organize the logistics of the weekly high-profile seminars held at CRG every Friday
  • organize scientific events and meetings proposed by researchers that have been approved by the Executive Board
  • search for sponsorship opportunities to complement funding for scientific events and for a specific set of other activities
  • maintain alumni relations and alumni-related services


Gloria Lligadas Peñarrubia


Telephone: 933160153

Position: Head of Communications & PR

Marta Solís Mateos


Telephone: 933160263

Position: Public Engagement & Science Education Officer

Omar Jamshed


Telephone: 933160237

Position: Senior Press & Communications Officer

Anna Marta Borrell Pages


Telephone: 933160145

Position: Events & Sponsorship Officer