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Fyodor Kondrashov awarded an ERC Starting Grant


Dj, 25/07/2013 - 14:44

Fyodor Kondrashov awarded an ERC Starting Grant

Fyodor Kondrashov, group leader of the Evolutionary Genomics laboratory and ICREA research professor at the CRG has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant for his project “Systematic investigation of epistasis in molecular evolution - EinME”. 

Thanks to this grant, Fyodor will be able to approach a few basic questions about epistasis in molecular evolution. By using computational approaches and experimental assays he wants to address questions such as why a mutation has a deleterious effect in one species but shows no apparent consequences on the phenotype when it occurs in another species. This five-year project has been awarded more than 1.4M€.

The prestigious ERC Starting Grants aim to support early-career talent to develop their best innovative ideas across the European Research Area. In this sixth Starting Grant competition, the European Research Council (ERC) has selected 287 top scientists that are awarded nearly 400 M€. 

In Spain, the CRG is the centre with more ERC awarded scientists in the life sciences category (8 Starting Grants and 3 Advanced Grants).

Please, find more information about this ERC Starting Grants Call at the official ERC press release here.