Evolutionary Genomics

Group Leader:

2012                HHMI International Early Career
2011                 ICREA Research Professor
2008-                Group leader at the Bioinformatics
                         & Genomics Programme, CRG,
                         Barcelona, Spain
2005-2008        PhD degree in Biology from UC
                         San Diego
2003-2004        Master of Arts degree in Population
                         Biology from UC Davis
2000-2003        Research Scientist, NCBI, NIH
1996-2000        Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology
                         and Ecology from Simon's Rock

Group News
Fyodor Kondrashov awarded an ERC Starting Grant (25/07/2013) 
Fyodor Kondrashov, group leader of the Evolutionary Genomics laboratory and ICREA research professor at the CRG has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant for his project “Systematic investigation of epistasis in molecular evolution - EinME”.

We strive to create an open environment for inquiry of many different questions in different areas of biology and evolution.

Currently, we are focused on computational studies of genomic information including sequences, expression data, protein and RNA structures, genetic and protein networks. We analyze these data under the prism of population genetics and evolutionary theory to describe novel evolutionary and biological phenomena. In short, we use any data that we can get our hand on to understand something new about evolution and biology.

We have several fruitful collaborations with experimental groups working on specific genes or phyla and we are also pursuing simple experimental projects in support of our computational inquiries.

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