Call on Project Grants for Postdoctoral Researchers

Call on Project Grants for Postdoctoral ResearchersCall on Project Grants for Postdoctoral Researchers

These grants aim to provide CRG Post-doctoral researchers with the opportunity to collaborate, develop and manage their own independent projects and to boost their CV for future job applications within academia. 

The CRG establishes grants for projects proposed by the CRG postdoctoral researchers, alone or in collaboration with another postdoctoral researcher, PhD student or technical staff from a different lab or core technology at the CRG. 
The main idea of the project needs to come directly from the CRG postdoctoral researcher, not from the group leader. 
The project can be already ongoing or start anew to explore novel ideas. 
The interdisciplinary nature of the projects will be valued positively. 
No personnel can be hired/paid from this grant. 


Any Postdoctoral researcher at CRG.  


There are two categories:  

  • Individual grants: presented by a single Postdoctoral researcher: 5.000 EUR. 
  • Collaborative grants: presented by two Postdoctoral researchers or a Postdoctoral researcher and a PhD student from different labs. 10.000 EUR. 

If less competitive collaborative grants are submitted, the possibility of funding up to three individual grants will be considered.  

Deadline and Submission:

The deadline for submitting proposals is on the 20th November 2023.

The proposal should be submitted online via the application form HERE and consist of: 

  • Project description (you can find the template in the application page) 
  • Summary of the proposed project (max. 200 words) 
  • Biological significance of the proposed project (max. 200 words) 
  • Proposed Scientific Project (max 1000 words) 
  • How will the project help you advancing your future career? 
  • Literature references for the proposed work 
  • Budget breakdown. 
  • Ethical issues check list 
  • A document from the Group Leader stating that:   1) the main ideas of the project come directly from the Postdoctoral researcher, and 2) a commitment that the project can be undertaken in the Group Leader's laboratory. 


Duration of the project:

Until 31st December 2024  


Proposals will be evaluated by a panel formed by three members of the CRG Faculty. Evaluators will be required to state any potential conflict of interest.  

The Evaluation Panel will consider:

the scientific and technological quality of the proposal;  
feasibility of the project: 
the foundation and novelty of the proposed collaboration, for collaborative grants. 
Selected candidates will be invited for the panel interviews (20 min), which will take place in December 2023. 


A final report (science & budget) will be submitted to the CRG Director and the CRG PostDoc committee. The final outcomes of the project(s) will be presented at the inter-programme seminar in early 2025. 

Indicative timetable:

First evaluation and shortlisting of projects: November 2023  
Panel Interview (20'): December 2023 
Start of the projects: January 2024, provided that ethical and safety issues have been properly addressed. 
End of the projects: December 2024 
For any enquires contact: 
CRG Training & Academic Office (TAO) -