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Tadeo Jones and the CRG


Dl, 07/10/2013 - 10:40

Tadeo Jones and the CRG

Tadeo Jones visits the CRG!

Telecinco, the main TV station from Mediaset group, is doing a short-film serie with Tadeo Jones, an adventurer 3-D animated character. The famous heroe will explain in 1-min short clips the most innovative and and distinguished research institutions and science-related theme parks. The project is called  "Descubre con Tadeo".
Since August, CRG researchers and the communications team have been working hand in hand with the broadcaster producers to ellaborate an accurate yet enjoyable script for Tadeo to explain what the CRG does. We had to be sure Tadeo protrayed the correct mesage with the right images and videos.
The short will be broadcasted on prime-time during the coming weeks from this saturday 5th of October.
You can see the video here: