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CRG researchers take part in the "Foc Creuat" exhibition


Ds, 05/02/2011 - 10:54

CRG researchers take part in the "Foc Creuat" exhibition

Foc Creuat” (cross-fire) is an exhibition presenting six dialogues between science and art. The facilities were the result of a project of the Catalan Biology Society (SCB), thought up and coordinated by Joan Duran, in which eight emerging plastic artists and seven young scientists participated.
Xavier Bofill and Jesús Pujol, researchers at the Centre for Genomic Regulation, took part in this project, contributing to the exhibition from a scientific point of view, and providing their research and view of the world in contrast (or not) to the view of the artists with whom they collaborated.
Meanwhile, Xavier Bofill, of the Gene Therapy laboratory, collaborated with the artist José Begega in his work entitled “Glòria”. This piece of videoart attempts to show the reality of an illness, cancer in this case, from different points of view. The specific role of Xavier Bofill was to offer the personal experience of a researcher involved in the study of this illness. 
Elsewhere, artist Empar Buxeda’s “Formal Study No.6 (River Ganges)” is a piece which reflects on the creation process of artificial media, and the use of models in biotechnology. The work brings together the reflection of Buxeda and the mission of Jesús Pujol, from the Sensory Cell Biology and Organogenesis laboratory. Jesús Pujol uses the zebra fish originating in the river Ganges as a model animal for the study of the development of sensorial organs. 
The exhibition can be visited between the 2nd – 14th of February 2011, at the Balcó room, Arts Santa Mònica, located at La Rambla, 7 – 08002 Barcelona.