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CRG Alumni, the new platform for ex-members of the CRG


Dv, 01/04/2011 - 20:04

CRG Alumni, the new platform for ex-members of the CRG

The Centre for Genomic Regulation has created CRG Alumni, a platform where ex-members of the CRG can share their professional and personal experiences.

Since its inception, nearly 10 years ago, the CRG has become a training centre for scientists through which have passed a great many professionals. The CRG Alumni platform has arisen from the proposal of some researchers and aims to offer a network of professional contacts who all have the CRG in common, to maintain links and foster collaborations. In addition, members of CRG Alumni will enjoy privileges such as priority registration for symposia, workshops or courses, discounts for event registration, access to the CRG Alumni job section and the right to participate in meetings and activities.

The only requirement for CRG membership is to have worked for a minimum of 3 months at the CRG, be it as research personnel, management personnel, a student or a collaborator. Currently, inscription to CRG Alumni is free, although it is possible that in the future membership fees may be established to finance the activities and services offered.

The creation of this platform is another step towards the positioning of the CRG as an international benchmark. This initiative enables the CRG to continue offering a wide spectrum of possibilities to all of those collaborators who wish to keep sharing their experiences with the other members of the CRG from anywhere in the world.

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