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Ferrer Lab
Regulatory genomics and diabetes
Group leader

Ferrer Lab

Regulatory genomics and diabetes
Group leader

2021 Coordinator, Medical Genomics Transversal Programme, CRG
2018 Senior Group Leader, CRG

2014-2018 Lead for Genetics and Genomics, NIHR Imperial BRC
2015 Fellow, Academy of Medical Sciences
2012- Professor and Section Head, Imperial College London
2009- Group Leader, CIBERDEM
2002-2018 Group Leader, IDIBAPS
2008 Sabbatical, UNC Chapel Hill
1997-2012 Specialist, Consultant in Endocrinology, Hospital Clinic
1996-1997 Postdoc and Instructor, Harvard Medical School, Mass. General Hospital
1993-1995 Postdoc, Washington University
1994 Doctor en Medicina. Universitat de Barcelona
1992 Endocrinology and Nutrition Medical Specialist, Spanish Ministry of Health
1986 Llicenciat Medicina. Universitat de Barcelona


CRG researchers create 3D genome maps to find genetic mechanisms associated with type-2 diabetes (08/07/2019)
Scientists at the Centre for Genomic Regulation open up new ways of developing personalised treatments for type-2 diabetes


Diabetes mellitus afflicts more than 400 million people. Current strategies to prevent and treat diabetes are limited by our scant knowledge of the molecular defects that cause diabetes. We focus on understanding changes in genome regulation that lead to monogenic and polygenic diabetes. We study the gene networks that are essential for insulin-producing beta cells to maintain glucose homeostasis, and develop strategies to manipulate these networks in human patients. We are also interested in how gene regulatory mechanisms can be harnessed for regenerative therapies in autoimmune diabetes.  To achieve these goals, we combine regulatory genomics, human genetics, and genome engineering in model systems.