Systems and Synthetic Biology

Systems and Synthetic BiologySystems and Synthetic Biology

Systems and Synthetic Biology

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Coordinator: Pia Cosma

In the Systems and Synthetic Biology program we are transforming molecular biology into a predictive engineering science.  Decades of molecular biology and genomics have given us a good description of the parts of biological systems and a reasonable conceptual understanding of how they function and fail to cause disease.  However, our ability to quantitatively understand, predict and engineer biological systems is still very limited and we cannot easily engineer biology in the same way that we can engineer cars, bridges and computers.  In the SSB program we combine large-scale quantitative data generation with modelling and machine learning to solve the foundational science to make molecular biology predictive and programmable.  Part of our work is performed through a joint-initiative with EMBL Barcelona, the Barcelona Collaboratorium for Modelling and Predictive Biology.  We believe the transformation of biology into a quantitative engineering science is the most important technological challenge of our time and that fast biological engineering will transform medicine and many industries. 


Maria Pia Cosma
Ben Lehner
Luis Serrano Pubul
Mara Dierssen Sotos
Nicholas Edward Stroustrup
Arnau Sebe Pedros
Amelie Baud
Noelia Ferruz Capapey


Manuel Irimia
Verena Ruprecht
Sara Sdelci


Integrated in a senior research group, Staff Scientists support the research of the group, while having a degree of scientific independence to lead their own research line (i.e. co‐mentoring of PhD students, being senior authors in publications and applying for grants). As Faculty Members, Staff Scientists are evaluated every 4 years by an external committee composed of SAB and ad‐hoc members in the framework of the Programme’s evaluation.

Marie Victoire Neguembor
Irene Rodriguez Arce